Michael ""Rizzo" Chessman

Homo antiqua virtute et fide
"a man of old fashioned virtue and good
Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman
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Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman

Leader - Euro British Coalition


Click here for Human Rights Tribunal submission of Free speech related issues submitted by britishcanada.org Founder Michael Rizzo Chesssman

Click here for Superior Court Motion submission of related issues submitted by britishcanada.org Founder Michael Rizzo Chesssman (Substantial financial personal claim against State actors yet pending)

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Educational accomplishments

u of a note of achievement

Attended Private British Boarding school run by an Australian Headmaster (Primary Schooling 1973)
Prize in Mathematics and winner in Drama performance ("Star" recipient for "Drama elocution"

Majored in Electronics in High School with top mark at graduation (97% three year average 1979) 

Top marks in Commercial Law and Accounting courses from Athabasca University in Edmonton,
Alberta Canada  (pre 1987) Invited to join as a member of the Guild of Industrial Commercial
and Institutional accountants
and did so upon completion of Business administration studies
in 1981

Attained standing on Dean Honours List at University of Alberta in Liberal Arts Studies
(majored in Philosophy of Western cultures 1987)

Passed all tests to become Certified Networking Engineer based on Novell Program offerings
(CNE designation June 11th 1992) (Passed series of exams at Novell authorized testing
location - Drake Novell Network systems Distributors  in Toronto)

CNE Certificate copy - Michael Chessman June 11th 1992

Successfully attended Seminar on Systems Analysis offered by Control data Institute in Toronto (circa 1988-89)

Passed test for Licensing as Real Estate Agent in Calgary Alberta (1981)
Passed test for Licensing as Mutual Funds salesperson  (Investors Institute Edmonton 1987)
Completed the Xerox sales training program (Barb Henry, Calgary, 1985)
Completed the Dale Carnegie sales training program (Lester Grant, Edmonton, 1983)
Completed the Business Administration Program through ICS schooling with honours (Calgary, 1981)

Career accomplishments

Preferred Philosophy in managing others:
Facile est imperium in bonis (to goven the good is easy


Manager of a top store in the Radio Shack chain at the young age of 18 (Winnipeg, 1979)
Store Manager and key advisor to company President at Cosmo TV & Stereo chain (Calgary, 1981)
President of CRS Canada Retail Solutions Inc (partnered with law firm officials who had funding sources, 1985)
Division manager (IBM vertical market product sales section) CCD Computers Edmonton
Company President - Kobe Computer Cottage Ltd (partnered with a couple of schoolteachers)
President SMS computer Solutions Inc (sold Interpac Accounting package to Professional
Accounting/Law firms)
Manager - Computer Innovations main location (Edmonton, Alberta)
Sales Manager - Computerland location at Manulife Place Edmonton (reporting to Brendan Hughes)
Marketing Vice President - Comsense Data Systems (linked to Entre Computer Centre Thornhill, Ontario)
President and Founder of consulting/software development firm Mentor Information Systems Inc.
Founder of several websites on the Internet that promote a better way forward for the world in
important areas of existing
Former coaching and Lead Graduate assistant
Dale Carnegie Program on Human Relations and Public speaking (ending 1988)

Latin quote: Stilus virum arguit - "The style of his pen proclaims the man!"